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JTGO is the recruitment software for small businesses. Our applicant tracking system (ATS) gives you fast, efficient, and affordable hiring at your fingertips.
Join the future of recruitment for just £4950!

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Hire top talent 35{7484d24f85f5d9137730ef68aa197680f5eb53a87edff01b8594b4eb8575a058} faster


Spend 50{7484d24f85f5d9137730ef68aa197680f5eb53a87edff01b8594b4eb8575a058} less time on admin


Reduce recruitment agency spend by 70{7484d24f85f5d9137730ef68aa197680f5eb53a87edff01b8594b4eb8575a058}

Free advertising on job boards

Are you struggling to fill your vacancy? Tired of manually posting details to job boards? Is job advertising a black hole of spending?

Our system lets you post to job boards and social media straight from our recruitment software. With key metrics to monitor the ​effectiveness of each advert source available too, you’ll always know which job boards and social media sites are performing well for you.

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Hire more staff

Reduce drop-off and engage the best talent! JTGO is designed specifically for growing businesses seeking to revolutionise and streamline their recruitment.

Create job adverts that grab a candidate’s attention with ease. Our SME recruitment tool lets you upload a video to hook a candidate from the get-go, make your text easy-to-read and accessible for candidates, and use high-quality images to keep them engaged!

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One affordable price

Our recruiting system has a fixed price of £4950 for organisations with less than 250 employees.

You can get ahead of the competition and engage the best talent with our low-cost recruitment tool. This is not a freemium tool so there are no hidden fees! Our applicant tracking system is an out-of-the-box solution, so everything you need will be included. This includes compliance checking, talent pools, and in-depth reporting tools.

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Reduce candidate drop-off

Where do your applications come from? How diverse are your jobseekers? What’s your average time-to-hire for staff? Do you know where candidates drop-off?

Our ATS tracks the full candidate journey – from application right through to being offered the job – so you know where to spend your money and your time.

This process is GDPR compliant – and we are always iterating to future-proof it against changing legislation so you can be confident that your process is safe and secure. Data backups are encrypted using AES256.

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We’re helping businesses like yours enter the future of recruitment.

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