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Sharing insights and learnings from the HR and Recruitment community

In these webinars, you can expect to hear from expert guests from across the recruitment and HR industry. They cover topics as varied as how to improve the experience you give to your candidates, best practice when it comes to onboarding new employees and do’s and don’ts of buying HR and recruitment technology. Watch our latest sessions below and sign up for upcoming webinars – all are absolutely free and everyone’s welcome!

Answering your questions on all things EVP & employer brand

Following the success of our webinar with DNA last year, we’ve asked DNA (Digital Native Advertising) to come back. They’ll answer all of your questions and offer more help and guidance on all things EVP and employer branding – and show you best practice in action and provide hints and tips to help your thinking along with some neat ideas to apply to your business straight away!


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The key questions DNA we cover include:

  • “How do I create the business case? How do I sell it in? How do I prove ROI?”
  • “What objectives should I be setting?”
  • “What’s the process, how long does it take?”
  • “How do activate my EVP inside and outside the business?”
  • “How can a smaller organisation tackle activation of their brand in a competitive market?”
  • “If I can’t get an EVP moving, what’s the next best thing to get the results we need?…..and quickly!”

Where have all the candidates gone?

Giles Heckstall-Smith (Jobtrain) & Andrea Garvey ( looked at the possible causes and reasons why it feels like there’s a shortage of candidates and how to fix it. They discussed:

  • Candidate driven market – they have the luxury of picking their ‘dream job’ over an experience or skills based job. How to make your job stand out from the rest
  • How to ensure you’re advertising your jobs is the best possible way
  • Application data – what it can tell you and how it can help you find solutions

Watch it back and take control of the candidate shortage

How Talent Intelligence can give your hiring strategy the edge

Gary Towers (Talent  Intelligence Director) and Giles Heckstall-Smith from Jobtrain used this insightful webinar to cover:

  • Highlights from the 2022 Recruitment Market Trends Report
  • What is Talent Intelligence (TI) and is it as revolutionary as experts say?
  • How is TI of value to Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?
  • What recruitment data to track and analyse and why?
  • Predictions! What should we expect to see next and what to do about it?

Watch it back and learn about talent intelligence here

Webinar – HoW to deliver Diversity and Inclusivity in your recruitment

Giles Heckstall-Smith and Michelle Brown discussed if the amount of diversity we are seeing in the media is mere tokenism or is it going to impact people’s attitudes to diversity and inclusion.

  • Is the recruitment industry doing enough to address diversity and inclusivity?
  • Are organisations who are looking for a diverse workforce addressing the changes required within their culture for this to work?
  • Are the way job ads are written inclusive?


About Michelle Brown

Michelle is an experienced communications professional having worked in the industry of public relations and social media with a range of sectors since 1997.

About HoW Webinars

Jobtrain is the company (and ideas!) behind the JTGO recruitment system. Through 20+ years of industry experience and networking, our Jobtrain team is behind the magic of HoW Webinars and they are lead by Jobtrain’s Giles Heckstall-Smith. Want to know more about Jobtrain? Visit the Jobtrain website here.