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Job approvals

A speedy start is critical when you need to hire quickly. With automated job approval processes in our recruiting system, you’re in control.

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What is vacancy approval?

Vacancy approvals – or job approvals – are when you send a job opening to the relevant manager for them to sign-off. Without an applicant tracking system, this process can be labour-intensive. Luckily, JTGO can automate it!

All activity is logged and tracked from within your recruiting system.

See how JTGO can reduce your admin by 50{7484d24f85f5d9137730ef68aa197680f5eb53a87edff01b8594b4eb8575a058}

Vacancy authorisation made easy

Automated vacancy approval, along with time-stamped logs, saves everyone time. Whether you’re a Hiring Manager, an Operations Manager, or a recruitment advisor.

Job approvals traditionally used to be an admin heavy process. Not with our applicant tracking system! Vacancy approval processes are fully automated, saving everyone time and ensuring new roles are approved, advertised, and hired without costly delays.

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how do vacancy approvals work?

In JTGO, tailored vacancy authorisation forms are created alongside different approval workflows you might need, such as who needs to sign off certain types of vacancy. Do you recruit a wide variety of roles? No problem. Different people can also be assigned to approve different roles.

If your managers need to raise new jobs, then that’s all taken care of too. They can have their very own tailored access to JTGO, where they can raise new jobs and select a relevant approval chain. JTGO supports up to 10 users!

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