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Reporting data on candidates

JTGO can track a candidate’s full journey – from application right through to being offered the job so you know where to spend your money and your time.

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KPI Recruitment

Access key sets of data that help you monitor your Key Performance Indicators. Once you’ve logged into our applicant tracking system you’re greeted with the Insights Dashboard – a variety of reports to keep your recruitment focused and on track.

The dashboard provides an immediate snapshot of current recruitment activity and performance direct from within our applicant tracking system. Data is dynamic and displayed in real-time.

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Jobseeker statistics

After glancing through the Insights dashboard, you may want to drill down further. That’s where our Reporting Suite comes in with a variety of key management information and jobseeker stats including:

All of your reports can be run across lots of variables including time, date, locations, departments, workflow, the list goes on!

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Talent Intelligence

Our parent company – Jobtrain – have a Talent Intelligence team that sends out detailed quarterly insights to all of our clients free of charge.

You don’t need to be a client to get the most of our recruitment data experts. They offer bespoke consultation, recruitment process audits, and candidate experience audits to organisations of all sizes.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We know how important it is that your recruitment process is equal, diverse, and inclusive. Our reporting suite and insights dashboard can break down candidates by various demographics such as gender, race, and more.

Our Talent Intelligence team has worked with many of our clients to upscale their equality, diversity and inclusion strategies. We run free monthly webinars and have covered the topic before, as well as written extensive articles on how to get the most from your recruitment data.

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