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What happens to my candidates?

JTGO’s candidate experience is easy-to-use for both you and your candidates. We’ve worked closely with our clients to make sure our recruitment software is set up to make posting a vacancy and applying for a job as simple as possible.

An easy to follow candidate journey will increase the number of candidates who express an interest in working for you, reduce the number of candidates who drop off during application, and give you a wider talent pool to pull from in the future!

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Our recruitment software lets you post and advertise your jobs for free on the biggest job boards – all from one platform. Link up your social media for seamless multi-posting, so you can reach candidates where they are, rather than wait for them to come to you.

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Reaching a wide network of potential hires is critical to recruiting success. Our attraction suite ensures your jobs reach key, cost-free advertising sources (including social media) and seamless posting and distribution to a huge network of other sources directly from your desktop or phone.


As of 2022, the majority of candidates prioritise a company’s culture and feeling valued when part of that culture. This means it’s more important than ever that you show what you’re all about as soon as a candidate starts their application with you!

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Once a candidate has found your vacancy, they will be transported to a branded candidate website which we build with you. This site will have your logo and colourways so that it looks like a natural extension of your company website, and it will also have pictures and videos of your people in the job advert so that it’s attractive and engaging!


If a candidate likes the look of your vacancy (which they will because it’s branded and eye-catching!) they’ll begin completion of their easy-to-use, online application form. Efficiency is key to reducing candidate drop-off, so to make this process easier and faster, our system transfers information from the candidate’s CV to their application form.

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We have guides on how to create attractive job adverts and slick application forms to reduce candidate drop-off. If a compliance check is required, this can be handled from within our system through integrated DBS checking. If you are looking for references, our system also has the ability to obtain referee’s information!


Once a candidate has completed their application form, they can join one of your talent pools too. This means if they’re unsuccessful, they can be notified for future jobs if you believe they’re suitable! This means your recruitment system will always have strong candidates ready-to-go when you post a new vacancy, and you can hire the best talent for the right jobs.

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The average candidate applies for six jobs a week, so if you don’t want to lose them you can keep them engaged with texts and emails straight from the system, notifying them at each stage of the process and reassuring them that they are still being considered.


For candidates who wow you in their application, the time will come to interview them. To keep this process simple (and remove a lot of manual administration for you!) you can invite job seekers to book an interview from within our platform. This keeps your recruitment funnel joined up and in one place!

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